Saturday, August 1, 2009




Tuesday, February 24, 2009


zipper dress by MINK PINK, tan belt by Bamboo blonde and shoes by VNC

Dont you just love OLD photos! well i do... they always bring back some memories and it doesnt necesarily have to be a good one. My grandpa kept some pics of his grandkids ( and on chinese new year he brought them out... So excited! i open the first page and i was like O__o; OH MI LORD! these pics should be burnt and threw away! I look like SHIT! hair was natural a.k.a untouched! wore daggy outfit! wore my stupid old glasses and braces!! in other word not a good view! oh NO..NO..! what the hell are these pics still doing here!??!? (Im so.. not gonna post'em here!)
After few glances through the photo album, u know... i came to realize that I guess its a process to where i am now... I wouldnt know what would look good on me if i wasnt passing those stages. ..... life is MYSTERY.
anyway... the paragraph above is so unrelated with the outfit i was wearing... but its cool to share something...
About the dress (finally!!) I loveee this dress! i guess i'm still into zipper! zipper just make everything looks cooler, NO?

hugs nd kisses

Friday, February 20, 2009


raining oh raining... I don't hate the rainy season, the temperature change slightly to cool, which is very good ... although its gloomy and uncheerfull but on rainy day the earth just smell sooo good! weird? have you ever smell it though?
I wore all black! homemade black cotton blazer, PLAYBOY hoody sleeveless top, ZARA belt, Black 3/4 pants @ random shop in Singapore, ZARA fabulous shoes

Hugs and kisses
tisha *muach muach muach*

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy valentine's day !

Valentine 2009 soundtrack for me is I WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU by QUEEN!
a classic song yet so POWERFULL!
happy Val's day! wishing you all have a nice celebration of LOVE!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hiiiiiiii again!

sorrrryyyyyy for the lack of updates.... I didnt have enough time to post anything these days! ive been busy with things! Im still busy with works but ill try to keep this blog ALIVE again!
ANYWHO! updates daily outfit post! These pics were taken recently, we went to see our piece of empty land in UMALAS. Its been a while since i went there the last time.
I got there and was amazed by the changes on the area. I couldnt believe what i saw that the once local subburb area is now full and i mean FULL!! with villas! the road got even smaller and it is now becoming top area to live for the tourists.
Well.. my land located at the very end of the area, just 5 minutes from the beach by walk. Its huge... and I guess I have to think of something to build there... shouldnt waste it!

The cows in the pic are playing around, eating and sleeping in my land. very mild and cute.
I wore a printed dress which I bought when I was in High school but still fit me well, Mango tank top, black legging, Mollini shoes, sportsgirl belt and a Leather bag.

blow kisses,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Daily outfit - 10 dec'08

A quick post of my yesterday's outfit~ Its been a long time... just getting really busy these days... sorry :(
What I wore the other day seems so winter.... raining season is here to stay! so i decided to dress dark~ to suit the weather :p
The dress was on sale in CENTRO I got it cheap, yay!


Monday, November 17, 2008

On weekend~~ sometimes rather than outing I prefer staying at home playing my DS and talking to my lovely BF~ WHAT A LIFE~
This is what i wear to stay comfortable:
Long singlet with sequined by CHARLIE JOE, Random bracelets only 2$ and I got the whole lotz

Friday, November 7, 2008

DAILY OUTFIT - 8th nov

DEEP BLUE SEA~~ this will be the theme of my outfit...
I love the gradation trend and Im trying to apply it to this maxi dress... However when it first came from the dying factory.. I was like *O*~~ WHATTT THE?!?! my first original idea was to have the darker shade on top then goes lighter to the bottom... (i don't want to have a common gradation-light color turn dark on bottom) but it came with the total opposite, it grades like the common one!! the one that i don't want to have! *sigh*~~~I don't want to bother the factory to change the color.. and i guess it will take longer time to finish and i wanna wear it like NOW! so i took it home HEAVILY! After wearing it... and try posting it in several webs... It turned out that actually People like this color gradation better... welll~~ now I don't regret it as much.. just think of it as a BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE!
what i wore: Blue maxi dress is HOmemade
Red necklace worn as headband
baby bling necklace
random bracelets and bangles are my mum's


Thursday, October 30, 2008

DAILY OUTFIT - 3rd nov

erhmm.. okay.... this outfit is tottaly inappropriate for this kinda weather... but I just wanted to try and feel the glam... I wore it with mini flowy skirt so i don't look old in this full sq cardigan and match it with ripped stockings, just to get that rock edge...
and the result... hohohoho.. I lovin it.. i think its soo COCO CHANEL,no? ehheheh
what i wore:
Full sequin cardigan
Liujo black chiffon skirt
ripped sequin
knot pearl necklace by Diva
vintage belt

love always♥♥♥♥♥

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Its still HOT here.... but november gonna come which means rainy season ahead! It won't be hot anymore YAY! well it still will b hot but not as crazy as before.. but still YAY! I can sense the cloudy night will bring a cool day tomorrow....*finger cross*
Homemade singlet *hippie girl*
ZARA rara denim skirt
oh-so fabulous shoes.. from my recent purchase in Surabaya

happy weekend guys,
tisha :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

daily outfit - 22 oct

yesssss!! I am melting!!!!
ITS FREAKING 41 DEGREEESSSSS NOWWWW!!!!! I seriously thought that "the end of the world is about to come!" SO... Im not lying when I said "Get me outta here.... its getting really HOt in here! in my previous posts! arghhhhhhhhh~~~~ wish me luckkkk, i hope I can survive this KRAZEEEHHHH weather!
How can people function in here? i have no mood to work! people temperament is also rising up... They r easily get mad with just about everything!! SO.. please Dont bUG us!! we are SUPER SENSITIVE!
what i wore today represent them all~~~~
inappropriate singlet dress by..... to wear to office and I don't care what they say... I am just a VICTIM in this heat! so let me wear NOTHING!
I accessorize it a little.... add a little vintage belt and gladiator GUESS? shoes.
Adding a headscarf but... the responds I got from work are rather mean and unsupportive! I know the didnt mean anything but... as I told u this HOTNESS taking over my sense of humour AND made me thinking their comments were plain ANNOYING and DISTURBING!! It made me looks HIPPIE but they just didnt get it at all!
"haha, do u have a headache?" or "hey, u look like the martial arts ppl in the movie!!" etc.. etc... these phrases were coming from them.... as u can see.. its maybe sounds like a joke but to me at that point of time its sounds like an insult! My brain didnt work properly this time!
I got annoyed. take off the head scarf and worn it as a scarf.... and they were all QUIET!
It seems like I am super mad while typing.. yea.....MAYBE... well, blame it to the weather!
till then,

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Its not about me today......
its about 2 of my LOVELIEST friends CHIAKO AND jie-VEVE.I dedicated today's page for you 2. They are celebrating their BIRTHDAY today!!! I wish I can be with them and share this wonderful day, ohh~~~ and I missed getting dress up and dinner gathering and mango gateu-ing!!! arghhh~~ this makes me saddddd~~~~ I missed you guysss!!!!!
I couldnt give you anything but I made this wallpaper birthday cake for u guys... to... hmmmm.. well to ENJOY. These cakes are too preeeeetty to eat anyway...... :p

Chiako... This one is especially for youuu dear~~~~

I wish nothing but happiness for both of you! You 2 are the most down to earth people I've ever met. you guys deserve A FABULOUS life~~ :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

muach.. muach muachhh
love always

Thursday, October 16, 2008

DAILY OUTFIT - 17th oct

ello ya'll....
its freaking hottttttttt in here~~~~ I didn't wear the black tight out.. but just for the sake of this daily outfit.. i thought it may look better wearing it... and I think it did!
GOSH!!!! sooo hot!! I felt like in the sauna while typing this blog ... sticky and sweaty! what happen to the air con!?!? y its not COLD at all!??! erghhhh~~~I hate this kinda weather! somebody.. get me outta here!

ohh-so cute shoes... bought on sale by ALLANAH HILL, These shoes are not made for walking!! Its totally kill my feet! but I absolutely adore em...


Monday, October 13, 2008


Dear all...
I look soo twisted in here... my hair is unruly and the background of the first pic making my eyes sore! but i wanted to post em anyway and share this yellow sickness around! bhwuahwuahwuahhahahahaha *evil laugh*
I wore...
a vintage necklace worn as a headband because it sits perfectly on my head!
red printed dress by ZARA... that everyone hates... and i have no idea WHY! its been stayed in the closet of mine for year and a half UNTOUCH! but from now on i will wear it regardless what people may say! I love the prints and the color and the simple design of the dress and that's good enough for me to wear, there!!!~
belt by ORANGE
short sleeve jacket by Kookie
fringe zipper shoes bought in Korea


Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ohhhh lala.... another stolen skirt and shorten the length to suit me figure... I rarely wear jeans nowadays... The crazy weather here is melting everyone! soooooo HOT!!! tell me how can human survive in this heat?!?!
skirt from mum's hidden clost
shoes bought in KOREA
Sequin top by CHARLIE JOE
Belt by orange

happy summer,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

DAILY OUTFIT - 9th oct

Something casual and yet so comfortably chic.. The skirt actually was my mum's. It was a high waisted super long skirt and it got bling2 on the material... I cut it to suit my height! welL.. i LOVE IT NOW!
what i wore:
white singlet from BODY AND SOUL
belt is free included from a dress i bought
Vintage skirt from mum
sandal with oh, so cute details zipper with fringes bought in korea

Monday, October 6, 2008

DAILY OUTFIT - i didn't wear this outside!

I have time to play dress up few nights ago... and decided i should gave this tight a try... I found it hidden in my mum's closet, geeeezzzzz I never know she was once a cool gal until I rummaged through her closet! oh.. and this outfit is too strong to wear it outside in Bali... If my mum see me wearing this walking around the city, se will drag me INSIDE to get change, for sure!
what i wore:
blue sequin top by LIU JO .. maybe
Vintage tight, found in mum's closet
bow plastic belt, FREE



I have develop an unhealthy obesession with the trend, beside the pink shirt i wore, I still have 2 plaid jackets and another ruffle plaid shirt! gosh! somebody please stop me from buying this stuff!!!
shirt bought in Korea
Zebra singlet, self made
Fade jeans mini, SUPRE
Gladiator Shoes, GUESS?

Thursday, October 2, 2008


*SIGH* >.<; this was where i went to, on my last night in Korea... sad~~~ however we had a splendid night exploring the tower!
The view from up there is absolutely Gorgeous!! Spending my final night with my wonderful BF and surrounded by those city Night lights, made my evening very special!

When we arrived at the middle of the tower, it has this fence wall filled with thousand of locker keys. But its not an ordinary keys, people write their promises they made together with friends or BF or GF on it.The purpose is (according to my Bf) whatever promise they wrote on it, once they locked the keys on this fence believed wont be broken. It sounds pretty cool and I immediately insist my Bf to do the same thing. Apparently for my Bf, this is too childish... so we didnt TRY! yup... you heard me.. WE DIDN'T!!!

Then... we decided to watch the night away over drinks and small talks in one of the cafe ... yeahh it was fun and romantic... ♥♥♥♥♥
(The fun bit was because we were eavesdropping the couple sitting next to our table fighting... heheheh:p)

p.s I will definitely come here again with that locker key !!!

till next time,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

DAILY OUTFIT - 1st oct

National holiday... have no plan today... just went out for a while accompanying grandma doing her things... and this is what i Wore
Although i don't like Paris Hilton, but sometimes I like the way she dress. This Guns in rose shape singlet was worn by her.. and this is the copy cat!
Grey jeans by GRAB
BARDOT head band worn as scarf


Friday, September 26, 2008

back 2 nature @ THE GARDEN OF MORNING CALM visit!

Just from the title it self, its already gives me a sense that this will b relaxing peacefull visit!
Actually this resort is sooo close to NAMI SOM! *Winter Sonata movie set* I went there last winter with my Bf nd it was ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL, I LOVEEEE IT!! i was thinking to go there again... I wanna see hows the area in summer.. but we decided, to go to other tourist must visit place and THIS IS THE MOST WOWWWWWWW!!! VIEW I've ever seen!!! To be Honest, my camera couldn't capture the beauty i see.. this is the best that it can captured... This place is STUNNING!!! I cannot believe what I saw!! This is Unbeliveable gardens... they have few theme gardens and the names are so intereting like Promise garden, morning walk, I don't really remember all of them but I can assure you that you wanted to go pass all the gardens.. and just Enjoy the nature

We play in this rocky little river for while, you have NOOOOOO IDEA, HOW FREEZING the water can be!! Its Summer, why the water is soooo damn cold! My bf forced me to put my feet in the water!! he said its good for health... erghhhhh!!! COLLLLLLDDDDD!!!!

I know they have the bridge to cross to the other side but its more fun walking under the bridge! cold cold cold... xoxo

Monday, September 22, 2008


thinking flirty girlish...
Okay bout the dress.. it had so much VOLUME before... so I resize it to fit me, now i regret it!!! Why did i do that!?!?! it would've looks better than now! GRRRRR!! silly me!
anyway, Solution!
I added a layer lace skirt underneath just to create that volumy I wanted to achieve.. well it sorta accomplish! no?!?!?

Dress from random shop in Thailand
Belt from Bamboo Blonde
Lace skirt underneath is from FAVOURITE
Shoes from VNC


Sunday, September 21, 2008


on weekend... My Bf decided to have a mini vacation in this resort.... it takes long hours getting there by car.. well maybe not if we were not trapped in traffic jam!!! but I didnt mind... i got to spend some US time in the car... discussing nonsense stuff and singing along of WAY BACK INTO LOVE ( song over and over again! *we just watched the movie, i know.... we r sooooo behind!*
When we got there I was Surprised, again! by the AMAZINGNESS of the place... we stayed at this GANGCHON resort

see....... I dont make up stuff... this Condo is really is Amazing!
The condo is supposedly for winter holiday.. I noticed from the close ski shops nearby but its not that bad for summer either.
The picture below is their backyard... I bet on winter this place will b pack for ski lover ppl.. they even have the cabble car for ski users... whaaa!! I wanna go here again on winter! must b beautifull!


We did manage to enjoy the view before hitting the area outside the resort.

Outside: One of the game we played is this buggy cart motorcycle, we went around the little town using this thing! I DROVE on it too! it wasss SOOOOO MUCH FUNNN!!!!!

Then we played the PIRATE ride which I had to drag my boyfriend and his other guy friend to play!! This is like the most basic RIDE! and yet he still so scared riding it! you should see his expression when we played! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! I can never forget that moment! *sorry no pic provided, was laughing so hard while on the ride*
Then we played baseball with the automatic ball thrower thing... I LOVEEEEEEE this machine!! I saw it on drama once.. and soooo glad that I can try playing it!
The rest of the day, we watched concert, drank beer and enjoying the nite....


Whaaaaaa!!! this is soooo unexpected!!! i was soooo excited that im gonna see her again after separated maybe for 4 yrs!! I couldn't believe that I would see her HERE, the last I heard she was working in China.. *we didnt get the chance to meet up there* Anyway, She was my class mate in RMIT Fashion design course... her name is MEESUN! we had a lot of fun memories together in our young times! since we graduated though.. we never see each other anymore.. until This DAY! I missed her! Although I didnt spend so much time with her that day *coz,my BF had to go to early work the next day* meeting her really made my trip complete! I hope i can see her again! :)

MEESUN and ME !showing some LOVE
It was a long trip by train to meet her, my Bf kindly offered accompanying me :)xoxo