Monday, November 17, 2008

On weekend~~ sometimes rather than outing I prefer staying at home playing my DS and talking to my lovely BF~ WHAT A LIFE~
This is what i wear to stay comfortable:
Long singlet with sequined by CHARLIE JOE, Random bracelets only 2$ and I got the whole lotz

Friday, November 7, 2008

DAILY OUTFIT - 8th nov

DEEP BLUE SEA~~ this will be the theme of my outfit...
I love the gradation trend and Im trying to apply it to this maxi dress... However when it first came from the dying factory.. I was like *O*~~ WHATTT THE?!?! my first original idea was to have the darker shade on top then goes lighter to the bottom... (i don't want to have a common gradation-light color turn dark on bottom) but it came with the total opposite, it grades like the common one!! the one that i don't want to have! *sigh*~~~I don't want to bother the factory to change the color.. and i guess it will take longer time to finish and i wanna wear it like NOW! so i took it home HEAVILY! After wearing it... and try posting it in several webs... It turned out that actually People like this color gradation better... welll~~ now I don't regret it as much.. just think of it as a BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE!
what i wore: Blue maxi dress is HOmemade
Red necklace worn as headband
baby bling necklace
random bracelets and bangles are my mum's