Friday, September 26, 2008

back 2 nature @ THE GARDEN OF MORNING CALM visit!

Just from the title it self, its already gives me a sense that this will b relaxing peacefull visit!
Actually this resort is sooo close to NAMI SOM! *Winter Sonata movie set* I went there last winter with my Bf nd it was ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL, I LOVEEEE IT!! i was thinking to go there again... I wanna see hows the area in summer.. but we decided, to go to other tourist must visit place and THIS IS THE MOST WOWWWWWWW!!! VIEW I've ever seen!!! To be Honest, my camera couldn't capture the beauty i see.. this is the best that it can captured... This place is STUNNING!!! I cannot believe what I saw!! This is Unbeliveable gardens... they have few theme gardens and the names are so intereting like Promise garden, morning walk, I don't really remember all of them but I can assure you that you wanted to go pass all the gardens.. and just Enjoy the nature

We play in this rocky little river for while, you have NOOOOOO IDEA, HOW FREEZING the water can be!! Its Summer, why the water is soooo damn cold! My bf forced me to put my feet in the water!! he said its good for health... erghhhhh!!! COLLLLLLDDDDD!!!!

I know they have the bridge to cross to the other side but its more fun walking under the bridge! cold cold cold... xoxo

Monday, September 22, 2008


thinking flirty girlish...
Okay bout the dress.. it had so much VOLUME before... so I resize it to fit me, now i regret it!!! Why did i do that!?!?! it would've looks better than now! GRRRRR!! silly me!
anyway, Solution!
I added a layer lace skirt underneath just to create that volumy I wanted to achieve.. well it sorta accomplish! no?!?!?

Dress from random shop in Thailand
Belt from Bamboo Blonde
Lace skirt underneath is from FAVOURITE
Shoes from VNC


Sunday, September 21, 2008


on weekend... My Bf decided to have a mini vacation in this resort.... it takes long hours getting there by car.. well maybe not if we were not trapped in traffic jam!!! but I didnt mind... i got to spend some US time in the car... discussing nonsense stuff and singing along of WAY BACK INTO LOVE ( song over and over again! *we just watched the movie, i know.... we r sooooo behind!*
When we got there I was Surprised, again! by the AMAZINGNESS of the place... we stayed at this GANGCHON resort

see....... I dont make up stuff... this Condo is really is Amazing!
The condo is supposedly for winter holiday.. I noticed from the close ski shops nearby but its not that bad for summer either.
The picture below is their backyard... I bet on winter this place will b pack for ski lover ppl.. they even have the cabble car for ski users... whaaa!! I wanna go here again on winter! must b beautifull!


We did manage to enjoy the view before hitting the area outside the resort.

Outside: One of the game we played is this buggy cart motorcycle, we went around the little town using this thing! I DROVE on it too! it wasss SOOOOO MUCH FUNNN!!!!!

Then we played the PIRATE ride which I had to drag my boyfriend and his other guy friend to play!! This is like the most basic RIDE! and yet he still so scared riding it! you should see his expression when we played! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! I can never forget that moment! *sorry no pic provided, was laughing so hard while on the ride*
Then we played baseball with the automatic ball thrower thing... I LOVEEEEEEE this machine!! I saw it on drama once.. and soooo glad that I can try playing it!
The rest of the day, we watched concert, drank beer and enjoying the nite....


Whaaaaaa!!! this is soooo unexpected!!! i was soooo excited that im gonna see her again after separated maybe for 4 yrs!! I couldn't believe that I would see her HERE, the last I heard she was working in China.. *we didnt get the chance to meet up there* Anyway, She was my class mate in RMIT Fashion design course... her name is MEESUN! we had a lot of fun memories together in our young times! since we graduated though.. we never see each other anymore.. until This DAY! I missed her! Although I didnt spend so much time with her that day *coz,my BF had to go to early work the next day* meeting her really made my trip complete! I hope i can see her again! :)

MEESUN and ME !showing some LOVE
It was a long trip by train to meet her, my Bf kindly offered accompanying me :)xoxo


Last night i watched GENE SIMMONS reality show on Tv... and thought *WOW.. behind that heavy make up and extra length tounge poser! he is actually a nice and fun dude* i know.. i know.. u all gonna say.. all that reality bullshit is scripted... but Idont care.. he is charming without his MAKE UP

Well.... yesterday's outfit was inspired by him... I wanna b ROCK STAR too.. hehehe :p well mayb i couldnt sing like them, but at least i could dress up like them

Black top by ZARA SPORTSGIRL shorts black legging KOOKAI bag DAVINCI shoes *new* bought in KOREA



Friday, September 19, 2008


we went passed by MBC (one of many tv stations in korea) and had lunch nearby the building!... well... I insisted my bf that we should hang out for a while there in the hope that I would be able to see maybe few actors entering the empire building! or maybe just walking in the area....
minutes passed by .... almost an hour .... but NONE of actor/actresess were there! NONE! i didnt see ANYONE! ARGHHHHHH!! WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY??!?! this is too frustated.. mannnn ....! i had high expectation in meeting just whoever famous! All i saw were common people, ergh,this is not FUN.
Saw my dissapointment painted on my face, my bf decided we should move, he then took me to the park, just opposite the building and walked around there... it was a beautifull place... I bet this is where the celebs are suppose having their lunch, or having a quick romantic dates... or jog ...
but I still see no celebs there! seriously..!! Where were they!?! it was lunch time, the celebs should b there, enjoying the view and eat their lunch... and again! nobody spotted in the place
so... my mission was a complete failure!
but thats okay.. at least now i can say to people... "yeaaa.. Ive been there!
and if any1 asks "did u see ANY famous ppl there?" im gonna say "YEAAA, PLENTY!" *grrrrrr*

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DAILY OUTFIT - previous week

This outfit was worn few weeks ago.. i just hadn't got the chance to put em up...:p
that day, I remembered we went lunch @ NURI's (Bali most famous ribs) then continued grocerry shopping @ carefour..... It was tripple Hot that day which made a great DEBUT for my new ♥♥♥♥ short! heheheh^^
I the buttons trim, the colours is absolutely me! the bow.... and it was on SALE!!! tripple YAY!
white singlet is from my own factory
the BRAND NEW short is from LILY JEANS
The necklaces: the longest is from china while the other 2 short one are from my mum unused jewellery box *yup, i found a box of jewelery she never use anymore*
Shoes from VNC
Leather bag is handmade from one local factory (my mum knew the owner) so i asked her to tell him to make one for me hehehhe :p *I didnt get it for free.... i paid for it*

Friday, September 12, 2008



It was a rather cloudy day.... but its all good.. i didnt get sun tan for being outside and enjoy the theme park longer... when my BF told me, we are going here, I was sooo excited a.k.a jumping2 up and down the night before.. I've always loved THEME PARKS, its like you stays in this MAGICAL TOWN! everything is soo beautiful and fun!

look at the houses building... I WANNA LIVE THERE!! why people don't live like that in outside world! There must be no WAR, no Haters, no criminals.JUST world full of people enjoying their lives and PLAY everyday!

Overall I enjoyed my day here, although I was a little dissapointed with my BF. He didn't want to accompany me riding the KOREAN #1 WOOD ROLLERCOSTER *see pic above,@ the top corner*. He said that if he rides that, he will surely DIE!!! ergh O_o, I don't wanna be a MURDERER, i just skip this SUPER RIDE and play less dangerous rides *double ergh* (i did beged him most of the time though, but it didn't work!)

hey... look how cute the store! I felt like im in PARIS... *i never been there, but I assume the city will b as beautiful as EVERLAND, or maybe BETTER!*

We rode the Marry go round too! The horses and its lights always fascinates me.. when the door opened we raced againts the kids + parents to get the best horse! I know its plenty of horses there but I just didn't wanna seat in the Cinderella carriage or on LAME looking horse, I wanna seat on the most GEORGOUS HORSE! heheheheh :p

*errrrrrrr, my Bf bought me this tiger ears and a set of bunny ears. yeesss (-_-;), he did bribe me just so we can skip that Adrenalin pumping ride!

*US! taking picture before the 3D movie starts! How cool are we!?!? very futuristic, huh?! ;)

Some rides I didn't mention here are Amazon ride, eagle somthing ride, Safari park *The BEARS are too cute!*, etc. I don't remember most of their names.. but we rode most of them and I can assure you! It was heaps of fun! Make this place a must visit if you like THEME PARKS :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A visit to movie set!

Well...well....well... we moved from the edge and go to this movie set nearby.. I accidently watched the drama on TV before we left this morning... Whhaaaaaa!! I cannot believe it! it seems soo huge in tv... but when we were there it was so small..okay not small but definately not what i expected a kingdom will be.. ah.. THE MAGIC of television industry!
posing with the drama casts

next: EVERLAND!!!!!!

DAILY OUTFIT - 10th sept

Yesterday... was another CRAZY HOT day! I decided to wear something less hassle and just throw whatever i first saw....
the skirt was actually a dress, I disliked the top part, got rid of it and there you go.. I have free skirt that i can match to whatever i like....
The T-shirt is FANTASTIC! i got it from a random t-shirt shop and bought it for only $2!!!!! I love the graphic on it! its like doodle art!
Shoes from SACHI



Sunday, September 7, 2008

KOREA: the corner

The next day... we (our group, see below)....
visited the ddangket(the edge) and wowwwww! it wassss SUPER COOL! i would have never imagine that i would be at te edge of KOREA on my second visit! pic below is our first stop, they have stone signs saying we are reaching the area... I MUST take pic here!!!

To be honest, i have to apologise to my BF, I was a little upset that we were not gonna do the trip alone and that we will b going there with not only with his friend but his family too and I knew bout this on the day we going a.k.a LAST MINUTE! .... (he didn't tell me anything bout the plan!, but he did apologise about it)... i just feel a little jealous maybe (u know.. sharing his attention w/ other ppl).. but anyhow.. this trip turned out to be FUN even with them! THEY ARE SUCH A COOL GROUP OF PEOPLE to hang with! the litttle girl speaks english and very charming! I love her! she is a very positive person and always comforting me when i failed getting to the next level (This is nintedo DS situation) .. u know... u can be so frustated if u don't accomplish the level over and over again. For a moment I felt like she was more mature than me! DAMN! this is sooooo embarassing!
Anyway, then we head to a place for tourist attraction just located 15 minutes from those stones... and we were speechless... the place was AMAZING! they have this tower that you can enter (the entrance fee was cheap). Inside, they have the history hanging on the wall and off course the view is much better from up there... you can see all the little islands and I manage to name an island after me :p WELCOME TO TiTi ISLAND the view from cable car


*sigh* the weather was like 60*out there


KOREA journey continues

then ..... we meet up with my BF friends and family *including that lil girl in the pic,look below* to the edge of KOREA! yeaaaa.. ive been EVERYWHERE! another fun and interesting outing.. it took 3 hours to get there by car... but with my NINTENDO DS handy, I and Julie *lil' girl's name* played all the way.... time passed by so fast... We got there and stayed at this lovely little house! I was sooo excited when i see the house.. soooo cute! with another georgous view from the terrace.
we played at the beach... and ate
Amazing samgyopsal BBQ for Dinner!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

destination: KOREA

I had a short breaks from work and i decided to visit Korea and my BF hehehehe =p
i took my first picture when we traveled to BUSAN *a very beautiful city* with KTX and stayed for 3 days.... its a little far from SEOUL or BUCHEON *i stayed here* but it was WORTH IT!
we arrived at night and headed to JIMJILBANG for the night... its a huge sauna room complete with public bath and restaurant.. this is where local goes.. they Love to spend their day w/ the family.. and sometimes stays for the night and that's what we did.. i felt weird at first.. *as i never take shower with a whole bunch of naked women* but I TRULY ENJOYED it! i took bath and enjoyed the sauna... i LOVE it! sooo relaxing.. The best part of this place is the VIEW! its overlooking the ocean and i could see the famous BUSAN BRIDGE!*

* this is the JIM JIL BANG i stayed in* *look at this VIEW!!!!!!*