Sunday, September 21, 2008


Whaaaaaa!!! this is soooo unexpected!!! i was soooo excited that im gonna see her again after separated maybe for 4 yrs!! I couldn't believe that I would see her HERE, the last I heard she was working in China.. *we didnt get the chance to meet up there* Anyway, She was my class mate in RMIT Fashion design course... her name is MEESUN! we had a lot of fun memories together in our young times! since we graduated though.. we never see each other anymore.. until This DAY! I missed her! Although I didnt spend so much time with her that day *coz,my BF had to go to early work the next day* meeting her really made my trip complete! I hope i can see her again! :)

MEESUN and ME !showing some LOVE
It was a long trip by train to meet her, my Bf kindly offered accompanying me :)xoxo

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