Tuesday, February 24, 2009


zipper dress by MINK PINK, tan belt by Bamboo blonde and shoes by VNC

Dont you just love OLD photos! well i do... they always bring back some memories and it doesnt necesarily have to be a good one. My grandpa kept some pics of his grandkids (incl.me) and on chinese new year he brought them out... So excited! i open the first page and i was like O__o; OH MI LORD! these pics should be burnt and threw away! I look like SHIT! hair was natural a.k.a untouched! wore daggy outfit! wore my stupid old glasses and braces!! in other word not a good view! oh NO..NO..! what the hell are these pics still doing here!??!? (Im so.. not gonna post'em here!)
After few glances through the photo album, u know... i came to realize that I guess its a process to where i am now... I wouldnt know what would look good on me if i wasnt passing those stages. ..... life is MYSTERY.
anyway... the paragraph above is so unrelated with the outfit i was wearing... but its cool to share something...
About the dress (finally!!) I loveee this dress! i guess i'm still into zipper! zipper just make everything looks cooler, NO?

hugs nd kisses

Friday, February 20, 2009


raining oh raining... I don't hate the rainy season, the temperature change slightly to cool, which is very good ... although its gloomy and uncheerfull but on rainy day the earth just smell sooo good! weird? have you ever smell it though?
I wore all black! homemade black cotton blazer, PLAYBOY hoody sleeveless top, ZARA belt, Black 3/4 pants @ random shop in Singapore, ZARA fabulous shoes

Hugs and kisses
tisha *muach muach muach*

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy valentine's day !

Valentine 2009 soundtrack for me is I WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU by QUEEN!
a classic song yet so POWERFULL!
happy Val's day! wishing you all have a nice celebration of LOVE!