Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy valentine's day !

Valentine 2009 soundtrack for me is I WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU by QUEEN!
a classic song yet so POWERFULL!
happy Val's day! wishing you all have a nice celebration of LOVE!


C-h-i said...

happy valentine's day, tish! my valentine song is "when you look me in the eyes" by jonas brothers

did you have a good day???

me? ate too much chocolate (from co-worker, not men) and feel sick now.....hahaha:-P


tisha lauda said...

i'm going to download that song chi!
btw... did u ask ur boss bout our plan?

Valentine? me? hmm was busy working :(.. but me nd my boyfriend decided to do it KOREAN way this year.
vALENTINE: girl give boy
White day (which is on march): boy give girl.
so yeah.. im waiting till march chi! heuaheu^^ cant wait!

c said...

i really can't change the date, bopss said nop, nop my vacation is start from today....

tish....i so wanna go to melb with youuuuuu....damn....damn....

grrr grrr grrrr....