Friday, January 30, 2009

Hiiiiiiii again!

sorrrryyyyyy for the lack of updates.... I didnt have enough time to post anything these days! ive been busy with things! Im still busy with works but ill try to keep this blog ALIVE again!
ANYWHO! updates daily outfit post! These pics were taken recently, we went to see our piece of empty land in UMALAS. Its been a while since i went there the last time.
I got there and was amazed by the changes on the area. I couldnt believe what i saw that the once local subburb area is now full and i mean FULL!! with villas! the road got even smaller and it is now becoming top area to live for the tourists.
Well.. my land located at the very end of the area, just 5 minutes from the beach by walk. Its huge... and I guess I have to think of something to build there... shouldnt waste it!

The cows in the pic are playing around, eating and sleeping in my land. very mild and cute.
I wore a printed dress which I bought when I was in High school but still fit me well, Mango tank top, black legging, Mollini shoes, sportsgirl belt and a Leather bag.

blow kisses,

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