Friday, February 20, 2009


raining oh raining... I don't hate the rainy season, the temperature change slightly to cool, which is very good ... although its gloomy and uncheerfull but on rainy day the earth just smell sooo good! weird? have you ever smell it though?
I wore all black! homemade black cotton blazer, PLAYBOY hoody sleeveless top, ZARA belt, Black 3/4 pants @ random shop in Singapore, ZARA fabulous shoes

Hugs and kisses
tisha *muach muach muach*


Anonymous said...

hey! i work with an indonesian girl and she misses home soooo much! it must be amazing living in indonesia! awwww i wanna go!!!! hahahahahaaaaaa

ps do you know where mogil is made? heard the designer lives in bali!

c said...

sexy black~!