Tuesday, February 24, 2009


zipper dress by MINK PINK, tan belt by Bamboo blonde and shoes by VNC

Dont you just love OLD photos! well i do... they always bring back some memories and it doesnt necesarily have to be a good one. My grandpa kept some pics of his grandkids (incl.me) and on chinese new year he brought them out... So excited! i open the first page and i was like O__o; OH MI LORD! these pics should be burnt and threw away! I look like SHIT! hair was natural a.k.a untouched! wore daggy outfit! wore my stupid old glasses and braces!! in other word not a good view! oh NO..NO..! what the hell are these pics still doing here!??!? (Im so.. not gonna post'em here!)
After few glances through the photo album, u know... i came to realize that I guess its a process to where i am now... I wouldnt know what would look good on me if i wasnt passing those stages. ..... life is MYSTERY.
anyway... the paragraph above is so unrelated with the outfit i was wearing... but its cool to share something...
About the dress (finally!!) I loveee this dress! i guess i'm still into zipper! zipper just make everything looks cooler, NO?

hugs nd kisses

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