Friday, September 19, 2008


we went passed by MBC (one of many tv stations in korea) and had lunch nearby the building!... well... I insisted my bf that we should hang out for a while there in the hope that I would be able to see maybe few actors entering the empire building! or maybe just walking in the area....
minutes passed by .... almost an hour .... but NONE of actor/actresess were there! NONE! i didnt see ANYONE! ARGHHHHHH!! WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY??!?! this is too frustated.. mannnn ....! i had high expectation in meeting just whoever famous! All i saw were common people, ergh,this is not FUN.
Saw my dissapointment painted on my face, my bf decided we should move, he then took me to the park, just opposite the building and walked around there... it was a beautifull place... I bet this is where the celebs are suppose having their lunch, or having a quick romantic dates... or jog ...
but I still see no celebs there! seriously..!! Where were they!?! it was lunch time, the celebs should b there, enjoying the view and eat their lunch... and again! nobody spotted in the place
so... my mission was a complete failure!
but thats okay.. at least now i can say to people... "yeaaa.. Ive been there!
and if any1 asks "did u see ANY famous ppl there?" im gonna say "YEAAA, PLENTY!" *grrrrrr*

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