Friday, September 12, 2008



It was a rather cloudy day.... but its all good.. i didnt get sun tan for being outside and enjoy the theme park longer... when my BF told me, we are going here, I was sooo excited a.k.a jumping2 up and down the night before.. I've always loved THEME PARKS, its like you stays in this MAGICAL TOWN! everything is soo beautiful and fun!

look at the houses building... I WANNA LIVE THERE!! why people don't live like that in outside world! There must be no WAR, no Haters, no criminals.JUST world full of people enjoying their lives and PLAY everyday!

Overall I enjoyed my day here, although I was a little dissapointed with my BF. He didn't want to accompany me riding the KOREAN #1 WOOD ROLLERCOSTER *see pic above,@ the top corner*. He said that if he rides that, he will surely DIE!!! ergh O_o, I don't wanna be a MURDERER, i just skip this SUPER RIDE and play less dangerous rides *double ergh* (i did beged him most of the time though, but it didn't work!)

hey... look how cute the store! I felt like im in PARIS... *i never been there, but I assume the city will b as beautiful as EVERLAND, or maybe BETTER!*

We rode the Marry go round too! The horses and its lights always fascinates me.. when the door opened we raced againts the kids + parents to get the best horse! I know its plenty of horses there but I just didn't wanna seat in the Cinderella carriage or on LAME looking horse, I wanna seat on the most GEORGOUS HORSE! heheheheh :p

*errrrrrrr, my Bf bought me this tiger ears and a set of bunny ears. yeesss (-_-;), he did bribe me just so we can skip that Adrenalin pumping ride!

*US! taking picture before the 3D movie starts! How cool are we!?!? very futuristic, huh?! ;)

Some rides I didn't mention here are Amazon ride, eagle somthing ride, Safari park *The BEARS are too cute!*, etc. I don't remember most of their names.. but we rode most of them and I can assure you! It was heaps of fun! Make this place a must visit if you like THEME PARKS :)

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chi said...

OMG, it's so good!!! i so wanna go there!!!!! ArrrghhhH!!!!!

btw, how long did you stay in korea?

can't wait to read your trip journal!