Sunday, September 7, 2008

KOREA: the corner

The next day... we (our group, see below)....
visited the ddangket(the edge) and wowwwww! it wassss SUPER COOL! i would have never imagine that i would be at te edge of KOREA on my second visit! pic below is our first stop, they have stone signs saying we are reaching the area... I MUST take pic here!!!

To be honest, i have to apologise to my BF, I was a little upset that we were not gonna do the trip alone and that we will b going there with not only with his friend but his family too and I knew bout this on the day we going a.k.a LAST MINUTE! .... (he didn't tell me anything bout the plan!, but he did apologise about it)... i just feel a little jealous maybe (u know.. sharing his attention w/ other ppl).. but anyhow.. this trip turned out to be FUN even with them! THEY ARE SUCH A COOL GROUP OF PEOPLE to hang with! the litttle girl speaks english and very charming! I love her! she is a very positive person and always comforting me when i failed getting to the next level (This is nintedo DS situation) .. u know... u can be so frustated if u don't accomplish the level over and over again. For a moment I felt like she was more mature than me! DAMN! this is sooooo embarassing!
Anyway, then we head to a place for tourist attraction just located 15 minutes from those stones... and we were speechless... the place was AMAZING! they have this tower that you can enter (the entrance fee was cheap). Inside, they have the history hanging on the wall and off course the view is much better from up there... you can see all the little islands and I manage to name an island after me :p WELCOME TO TiTi ISLAND the view from cable car


*sigh* the weather was like 60*out there


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