Sunday, September 7, 2008

KOREA journey continues

then ..... we meet up with my BF friends and family *including that lil girl in the pic,look below* to the edge of KOREA! yeaaaa.. ive been EVERYWHERE! another fun and interesting outing.. it took 3 hours to get there by car... but with my NINTENDO DS handy, I and Julie *lil' girl's name* played all the way.... time passed by so fast... We got there and stayed at this lovely little house! I was sooo excited when i see the house.. soooo cute! with another georgous view from the terrace.
we played at the beach... and ate
Amazing samgyopsal BBQ for Dinner!!!!

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Chi said...

sounds so good, tish!!!!!

it's so nice to know about different part of Korea! can't wait for next episode!:-D