Monday, September 1, 2008

destination: KOREA

I had a short breaks from work and i decided to visit Korea and my BF hehehehe =p
i took my first picture when we traveled to BUSAN *a very beautiful city* with KTX and stayed for 3 days.... its a little far from SEOUL or BUCHEON *i stayed here* but it was WORTH IT!
we arrived at night and headed to JIMJILBANG for the night... its a huge sauna room complete with public bath and restaurant.. this is where local goes.. they Love to spend their day w/ the family.. and sometimes stays for the night and that's what we did.. i felt weird at first.. *as i never take shower with a whole bunch of naked women* but I TRULY ENJOYED it! i took bath and enjoyed the sauna... i LOVE it! sooo relaxing.. The best part of this place is the VIEW! its overlooking the ocean and i could see the famous BUSAN BRIDGE!*

* this is the JIM JIL BANG i stayed in* *look at this VIEW!!!!!!*


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Chi said... beautiful! it doesn't look like a Korea!