Friday, September 26, 2008

back 2 nature @ THE GARDEN OF MORNING CALM visit!

Just from the title it self, its already gives me a sense that this will b relaxing peacefull visit!
Actually this resort is sooo close to NAMI SOM! *Winter Sonata movie set* I went there last winter with my Bf nd it was ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL, I LOVEEEE IT!! i was thinking to go there again... I wanna see hows the area in summer.. but we decided, to go to other tourist must visit place and THIS IS THE MOST WOWWWWWWW!!! VIEW I've ever seen!!! To be Honest, my camera couldn't capture the beauty i see.. this is the best that it can captured... This place is STUNNING!!! I cannot believe what I saw!! This is Unbeliveable gardens... they have few theme gardens and the names are so intereting like Promise garden, morning walk, I don't really remember all of them but I can assure you that you wanted to go pass all the gardens.. and just Enjoy the nature

We play in this rocky little river for while, you have NOOOOOO IDEA, HOW FREEZING the water can be!! Its Summer, why the water is soooo damn cold! My bf forced me to put my feet in the water!! he said its good for health... erghhhhh!!! COLLLLLLDDDDD!!!!

I know they have the bridge to cross to the other side but its more fun walking under the bridge! cold cold cold... xoxo

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