Monday, October 13, 2008


Dear all...
I look soo twisted in here... my hair is unruly and the background of the first pic making my eyes sore! but i wanted to post em anyway and share this yellow sickness around! bhwuahwuahwuahhahahahaha *evil laugh*
I wore...
a vintage necklace worn as a headband because it sits perfectly on my head!
red printed dress by ZARA... that everyone hates... and i have no idea WHY! its been stayed in the closet of mine for year and a half UNTOUCH! but from now on i will wear it regardless what people may say! I love the prints and the color and the simple design of the dress and that's good enough for me to wear, there!!!~
belt by ORANGE
short sleeve jacket by Kookie
fringe zipper shoes bought in Korea


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