Monday, October 6, 2008

DAILY OUTFIT - i didn't wear this outside!

I have time to play dress up few nights ago... and decided i should gave this tight a try... I found it hidden in my mum's closet, geeeezzzzz I never know she was once a cool gal until I rummaged through her closet! oh.. and this outfit is too strong to wear it outside in Bali... If my mum see me wearing this walking around the city, se will drag me INSIDE to get change, for sure!
what i wore:
blue sequin top by LIU JO .. maybe
Vintage tight, found in mum's closet
bow plastic belt, FREE



C h i said...

WOoooooOoooW, it's so brightttT!

i think the tops is kind of ur styleeee, tish!

tisha lauda said...

hauehuaehuaehau I knew it CHI!
you always get me!
the off the shoulder top is soo me!
you know... i can only wear my crazy outfit only when im with you guys.. sad...:(
my Boyfriend hated it so muchh!!

Farah said...

i soooo love the tights
its sooo 80's
printed tights is making a comeback here in msia
i dont mind wearing that tish but i know my hubby would think its weird too

tisha lauda said...

wow FARAH!!
i didn't know u visit me here too!!!
thanks for the comment far~~~
yeahhh you hubby= my BF .. they all the same!! they just don't get it!