Saturday, October 18, 2008


Its not about me today......
its about 2 of my LOVELIEST friends CHIAKO AND jie-VEVE.I dedicated today's page for you 2. They are celebrating their BIRTHDAY today!!! I wish I can be with them and share this wonderful day, ohh~~~ and I missed getting dress up and dinner gathering and mango gateu-ing!!! arghhh~~ this makes me saddddd~~~~ I missed you guysss!!!!!
I couldnt give you anything but I made this wallpaper birthday cake for u guys... to... hmmmm.. well to ENJOY. These cakes are too preeeeetty to eat anyway...... :p

Chiako... This one is especially for youuu dear~~~~

I wish nothing but happiness for both of you! You 2 are the most down to earth people I've ever met. you guys deserve A FABULOUS life~~ :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

muach.. muach muachhh
love always


chi said...

OMG, OMG, OMG, tisha.... (> x <) thank you so so soooooo much!!!! i'm so happy happy happy!!!!! it's so touching!!! i don't know what to say...... ... .... .... i love the pics!!!!!! i love everything!!!!!!! you are my best biatch (Oops, this is your word:-P)

yes, no matter how far we are now, we are still same as uni life!
miss you heaps, tishaaaaA!!!!!

once again, thanks for the msg!



tisha lauda said...

hahauhuaheuaheu CHI-CHI...
I couldn't do anything while we are apart! So im glad this simple stuf i did made you HAPPY :)
i HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT CELEBRATION yesterday... did you?? did u??