Thursday, October 2, 2008


*SIGH* >.<; this was where i went to, on my last night in Korea... sad~~~ however we had a splendid night exploring the tower!
The view from up there is absolutely Gorgeous!! Spending my final night with my wonderful BF and surrounded by those city Night lights, made my evening very special!

When we arrived at the middle of the tower, it has this fence wall filled with thousand of locker keys. But its not an ordinary keys, people write their promises they made together with friends or BF or GF on it.The purpose is (according to my Bf) whatever promise they wrote on it, once they locked the keys on this fence believed wont be broken. It sounds pretty cool and I immediately insist my Bf to do the same thing. Apparently for my Bf, this is too childish... so we didnt TRY! yup... you heard me.. WE DIDN'T!!!

Then... we decided to watch the night away over drinks and small talks in one of the cafe ... yeahh it was fun and romantic... ♥♥♥♥♥
(The fun bit was because we were eavesdropping the couple sitting next to our table fighting... heheheh:p)

p.s I will definitely come here again with that locker key !!!

till next time,


chi said...

ohhh, how come tish???i though you guys did it! if i were you, i'll definatelly do that!

it's so good to read your trip jornal. ho, so wanna go to korea now!!!!

tisha lauda said...

thanks for reading chi!!
we should go there together...
ill take u around!!

chi said...

Yeaaah, let's do the reunion in korea!!! (^o^)v