Monday, May 19, 2008

daily outfit

TODAY : Heavy raining in the early morning, day starts very gloomy! :(
FEELING : cool feminime

DENIM MINI DRESS: from BODY AND SOUL. I bought the dr. when i was veryyy veryyy young! I found it last week in my storage room, and decided to give this dr. another chance before i give it to some1. Fortunately! after all this years, this dr. still FIT ME WELL!! *im amazed!* now, i welcome this dr. back in my closet again!

SKINNY WHITE BELT: I think it was PORTMANS. Its not in a good condition now, but I still loves to wear this skinny belt.

BLACK LONG LEGGING: made in my own factory.

WHITE SHELL EARINGS: From victoria market *shy to admit, that this is my first fashion earing i ever bought!* [back in the year of 2002]

BABY HEAD NECKLACE: Mum bought in Hongkong exhibition.

BOW SHOES: SINCE 1961, bought in Shanghai!

hugs and kiss

Tisha :)

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