Wednesday, May 21, 2008

movie review

I just got back from watching the 2nd Narnia, and below i wrote my personal review of the incredible movie!

The Chronicles of Narnia: PRINCE CASPIAN
Wowww! its been a long time since the 1st Narnia movie. The first one as I recalled was amazing! but The new Narnia, was EVEN BETTER! The actors are all grown up, but hey.. they still look cute to me. As for the special effect made for the movie was satisfying for my graphic craving needs... The movie is a little bit childish but very appropriate for my IMAGINATION of the animal/human/monster-ish kingdom. They Add genuine humours into most of the scenes *which I think were Brilliant!*, i found my self giggling and laughing throughout the movie. The characters of the NARNIANS are funnier and MUCH CUTER [esp. the Mouse-keteer]. Overall I enjoyed watching the movie, its definitely a stress relief!
I give ♥♥♥♥♥ [out of 5♥, that is]

your D-ear L-ittle F-riend
tisha :)

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